Our prevention measures against new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)

In order to "against COVID-19", we are taking the following measures.
Great thankfulness for your understanding and cooperation.


*Keep a safe social distance (physical distance from others)!

To against COVID-19, please keep a distance long enough that ‘You can't reach each other even straight your arms‘.

*Please cooperate with alcohol disinfection!

We have prepared disinfectants in the lobby and various hotel facilities and elevators. Please use alcohol to disinfect your fingers when you come to our hotel or use any facilities.

*Please don't come when you feel sick!

If you have fever or feel sick, please do not come to our hotel. We are sincerely sorry for this.
In addition, if you feel sick when you are already inside the hotel, please contact the staff nearby as soon as possible.

[Staff and hotel facilities]

1. All of our staff must check the body temperature and physical condition every day before coming to the company, and disinfect their fingers thoroughly.
If there is a fever of more than 37.0 degrees or physical discomfort, they should standby at home, not come work.

2. Door handles, toilets, and elevators in the hotel are regularly disinfected with alcohol.

3. Now, employees are required to wear masks as long as they are in the hotel.
(Including staff in the lobby, banquet hall, restaurant, etc.)

4. Microphones used in banquet halls will be sterilized every time they are used.

5. The hotel lobby, restaurant, banquet hall, etc. will be regularly ventilated.

6. The hotel staff are requested thorough measures such as hand washing, gargle, and disinfection.

We will try our best to make our guests feel reassured.