"New Hokkaido Style"
Reliable Declaration Relevant Measures of Hokkaido Hotel

In order to prevent the spread of Covid-19, the Japanese government proposed the "new lifestyle",
and Hokkaido also responded positively.
We call the new lifestyle and business model the "new Hokkaido style".
Great thankfulness for your understanding and cooperation.

"New Hokkaido Style" Security Relevant

1. Ensure that every staff wear mask, wash hands and disinfect fingers frequently.
2. Monitor the health condition of our staffs.

·Measure body temperature every day, unwell employees standby at home.

3. Regularly ventilate and air out our facility.

·The windows and doors are open for ventilation, and the ventilation fan is always on.

4. Regularly sanitize and wash facility equipment.

·when cleaning the rooms and anytime the facilities used.

5. Minimize contact between people.

·Use transparent plastic film or acrylic plate to reduce the infection of droplets
·Reducing the number of seats in the restaurant and making use of partitions, etc.
·The layout of the banquet hall strictly avoids "Three Cs"
·Restricted admission of daily hot spring
·Keep a safe social distance

6. Call upon customers to disinfect fingers and ware mask during their staying.

·Please don't come to the hotel if you are unwell.

7. Proactively inform customers by notice board in the hotel or official website about our efforts.

Forest Spa Resort Hokkaido Hotel

*The above content was updated on June 9, 2020.
In the future, it may be adjusted according to the corresponding instructions of the government and relevant departments.